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PLANNING FOR CA-Intermediate

Through CPT Scheme:

Registration time chart:

Particulars Plan 1 Plan 2
CPT registration to be done Latest by 31st March 2017 30th September 2017
CPT Examination June 2017 December 2017
CPT results July 2017 January 2018
Intermediate Registration Before 31st August 2017 Before 28th Feb 2018
Intermediate Classes Aug 2017 to Feb 2018 Feb 2018 to August 2018
Intermediate Examination May 2018 November 2018
4 weeks of Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills

Before Intermediate results (before articleship)

Before Intermediate results (before articleship)
  • Attending to ICITSS programme is mandatory and hence planning for the same after Intermediate exams would save time and also to avoid hindrance during the main exam preparation time.
  • Graduation courses can be taken up along with CA course. However, it is advisable to take up correspondence course as the student will have to join article ship training immediately after passing Intermediate exams.


Through Foundation Scheme: First CA Foundation Scheme from May 2018

Particulars Plan 1 Plan 2
Foundation registration to be done 31st December 30th June
Foundation Examination May November
Foundation results July January
Intermediate Registration Before 31st August Before 28th Feb
Intermediate Classes August  to February February to August
Intermediate Examination May November
4 weeks of Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills

Before Intermediate results (before articleship)

Before Intermediate results (before articleship)

Through Direct Entry Scheme:

Conditions for Direct Entry:


Category C

Admission to practical training only on

Completion of 4 weeks of Integrated course on Information Technology and Soft Skills

Eligibility to appear in Intermediate Exams only if the Student -

Is registered for the Intermediate course and has completed 9 months of practical training (including study course for a period of 8 months which shall commence from the date of registration to the course)

Preparation for CA-Intermediate Exams

  1. Though CA Course, in itself is a self study course, classes provide a special advantage in that students will be able to assimilate the concepts quickly than by way of self study.
  2. Sri Sankara Coaching Centre conducts intensive coaching sessions and short duration batches for students, generally after Foundation results and a month before Intermediate exams respectively.
  3. SSCC also offers model tests and mocks tests for enabling adequate revisions before facing the main examination.
  4. For every subject, it is advisable to use one reference book, which will cover all the topics of the syllabus. Referring to too many books may not be beneficial for the student.
  5. Start preparations early, be systematic.



Plan I Schedule

Plan II Schedule


Inter Registration Date

Before August 31

Before 28th February


Inter Examination Date




Attending Classes & Initial Preparation – 22 weeks

August to February

February to August


Intense Preparation – 6 weeks

1st Jan  to 11th Feb

1st July  to 11th August


First Revision – 5 weeks

12th Feb to 18th Mar

12th Aug to 18th Sep


Second Revision – 4 weeks

19th Mar to 16th Apr

19th Sep to 16th Oct


Final Revision – Last 14 days before exams

From 17th April till date of examination

From 17th Oct till date of examinations

At the IPC Examination:

What is required at the examination?

  • Positive attitude
  • Time management
  • Accuracy
  • Alertness of mind
  • Alertness of body
  • Student should attend all questions. When this is done, the chance of passing the exam improves.

Student should not ignore any subject during preparation as a minimum of 40% is required in all subjects to pass the examination.

There is no room for Complacency in this course

General Advice for CA Students:

When studies are planned properly and implemented effectively, the student gains the confidence levels required for the exams.

Higher confidence levels and positive attitude transforms itself into Assured Success

Forget the 4 C’s to become a Chartered Accountant in the minimum time. 4 C’s refer to

  • Cricket
  • Computer (Facebook, twitter, video games etc..)
  • Cell phone
  • Cinema

Spending time qualitatively is more important that the amount of time spent on studies.

Relaxation is necessary but getting carried away in the company of friends and cultural activities will not help you to clear the India’s second toughest examination.

Students should follow healthy eating and sleeping habits in order to stay alert while preparing for exams.

It is advisable to have sound sleep on the date before the examination to avoid complacency and tiredness inside the exam hall.


Don’t get misguided by your seniors who are still at Final level. Always go for guidance only from a Qualified Chartered Accountant.

Please be safeguarded from the students who are yet to qualify and call themselves as volunteers of other coaching institutions. We have found out that they are the primary reason for many students’ failure in the exam.