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  1. CA-CPT is an objective type examination in the following subjects
    a. Fundamentals of Accounting – 60 marks
    b. Mercantile Law – 40 marks
    c. General economics – 50 marks
    d. Quantitative aptitude – 50 marks
  2. For CBSE Students: Entire CPT syllabus is covered in Class XI and Class XII for the following subjects
    - Fundamentals of Accounting
    - General Economics
    - Quantitative Aptitude
    Note: For State Board/ Matriculation / ICSE Students, all the above subjects are covered with certain minor differences.
  3. Extensive efforts in Class XI and XII will help the students to revise the topics effectively for CA-CPT examination.
  4. When can the student register for CA-CPT and when can he start preparing?
    • The student can register for CPT course after passing 10th Standard exam
    • He can start his preparation by attending classes from 11th Standard summer vacation, as he would have familiarised himself with the basics of all the above topics in his 11th class.
    • During the months of April/ May after 12th examination, intense preparation can be taken up to appear for examination in the forthcoming June.
    • Mercantile law, being a new subject, should be given more attention right from 11th standard summer holidays. Spending a minimum of 3 hours a week is recommended to get a hold on the subject.
  5. It is always advisable to take up classes in the 11th Standard Summer vacation as the student will have ample time for preparation.
  6. Along with preparations for 12 standard examination, the student is recommended to start preparing for CPT exams by revising the topics and solving model test papers,in such a manner that it does not interfere with his 12 standard preparation.
  7. After Board examination, the months of April and May should be fully utilized for attending classes, revising, taking up mock tests and model examination.
  8. Sri Sankara Coaching Centre conducts classes for CA-CPT in the month of April/May for June exam and in the month of Aug/Sep/Oct for November examination.
  9. We are also conducting classes for 11th completed students from the month of May to November. Classes will be conducted on daily basis in the month of May and on Sundays in the months of June to November.
  10. SSCC also offers model tests and mocks tests for enabling adequate revisions before facing the main examination.

At the CPT Examination

What is required at the examination?
• Positive attitude
• Time management
• Accuracy
• Alertness of mind
• Alertness of body

Minimum of 120 correct answers:

Since the pass mark is 50% in the CPT Exams, the student should answer a minimum of 120 questions correctly, to be on the safer side. Even if the answers to the balance 80 questions turn out to be wrong, the student can still pass the CPT exam as shown below:

120 correct answers x 1 mark each = 120 marks
Less: Negative marks for 80 wrong answers = 80 x 0.25 = (20 marks)
100 marks

Answer a question only if you are sure of whether it is correct. Do not do mere ticking and end up in a failure on account of negative marking.

Student should not ignore any subject during preparation as a minimum of 30% is required in all sections to pass the examination.

The marks obtained in the CPT exams will provide confidence to the student to prepare academically well for the subsequent IPC and Final stages. However, he should not get lost in the glory of success in CPT exams.

There is no room for Complacency in this course.

General Advice for CA Students:

When studies are planned properly and implemented effectively, the student gains the confidence levels required for the exams.

Higher confidence levels and positive attitude transforms itself into Assured Success
Forget the 4 C’s to become a Chartered Accountant in the minimum time. 4 C’s refer to
• Cricket
• Computer (Facebook, twitter, video games etc..)
• Cell phonev
• Cinema

Spending time qualitatively is more important that the amount of time spent on studies.
Relaxation is necessary but getting carried away in the company of friends and cultural activities will not help you to clear the India’s second toughest examination.
Students should follow healthy eating and sleeping habits in order to stay alert while preparing for exams.
It is advisable to have sound sleep on the date before the examination to avoid complacency and tiredness inside the exam hall.

Don’t get misguided by your seniors who are still at Inter or final level. Always go for guidance only from a Qualified Chartered Accountant.
Please be safeguarded from the students who are yet to qualify and call themselves as volunteers of other coaching institutions. We have found out that they are the primary reason for many students’ failure in the exam.