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I thank all the teachers for their support and guidance.Sankara coaching centre has supported all the way along.....!!!


Sri Sankara is one of the best coaching centres for CA. It has been instrumental in enlightening me and shaping me as well. It is clearly the destination for those who wish to succeed.

Lakshmi Ramachandran

Being from Dubai , I was a little afraid as to how i would manage and adjust with a totally different atmosphere within just 2 months. But Sankara did such a great job that i felt very comfortable and in tune with everything. The faculties were awesome, made great friends there and had a lot of fun along with the studies.

They made it so enjoyable that the two months seemed like a couple of weeks !

I completely owe them for my results .

Thank you so much !

Titus Koshy, Kerala

What has distinguished the Srisankara coaching Institute from others in the field is its track records of excellence. I am more fortunate & proud to be part of this brilliance. .I know of no other institution which has such an experienced, eminent faculty, CA. R Nagarajan. I admired his style of teaching that provides a very comprehensive, interesting and efficient learning programme. Also, the institute is blessed with many outstanding faculties. The study materials provided by Srisankara are superb, especially that of, R Nagarajan, B V N Rajewar and K Hariharan are worth mentioning.


Being form science background was never an issue for me in sankara, particularly to approach Accountancy, my gratitude to the faculty especially Nagarajan Sir. He is an epitome of modesty who remains young and ever-youthful at heart. He not only analyses till the root of the concept but also makes our mind to work, consequently enabling interactive elucidation. His simplicity taught us the evergreen thirst for knowledge that should persist for a professional to humble himself more and more as he forges towards excellence.

Sriram Alagiri

thnx sankara its all because of u!!!!

M.Mohammed Thofeeq, Pondicherry

The Faculty, our interface to subject and practical environment, make them more interesting, relatable and recallable with anecdotes and joyous instances. If one faces the question paper in the exam hall, the moments of classroom flash play to help us recall the solution with ease and fun that was experienced in the classrooms of sankara. Legal and technical terminology was never made easier, thereby, enabling us to express our thoughts and reasoning in professional language and presentation.


SANKARA: Students Are Nurtured with Knowledge And Right Approach to ca exams.

Classes were very interactive and teachers were so student friendly.

Frequent model exams makes us more confident and exam tips given by various professionals were really useful during our exams.

Priyanka Parthasarathy

Thanks a bunch to sri sankara institute. without the help and guidance of the faculties i couldnot have done it. Priyanka Parthasarathy.


It was very delightful moment. Most amazing moments of my life. Got many friends who proved even more friendlier till now. Teachers were not only teachers but a friend that you could look for in difficult times.

S.Gopinath, Pondicherry

A student to turn into a professional student means, to comprehend professional standards and understand the consistent effort towards perfection. Sankara made the process digestible. I realized the worth of Chartered Accountancy and value of time only after entering into Sankara.

M. Sriram

I owe the drastic improvement in my communication skills to sankara. My confidence to present a subject was built from scratch, over here, through the seminar method of teaching by the faculty. Friendly teachers and flexible classes helped us focus on pursuit towards excellence in each and every area of subject’s scope.

Francis Desilva

I thought Chartered Accountancy Course to be a two storey building where I had to take the stairs, Sankara and Nagarajan Sir made me realize that it was a hundred storey building yet guided me to take the elevator instead of the stairs. Being in Sankara has been my privilege to see the summit of professionalism.

Nirupama Srinivasan

Parents are our first teachers and teachers are our second parents" goes a famous saying!!! This is been proved very right as my parents led me and guided me to the right institute for my CA coaching and its THE Sankara Coaching Centre!!!  The structured learning pattern and the scientific coaching provided here were mind blowing and hence made the path easy to travel and indeed we faced the examinations with utmost confidance!!!


Sri Sankara coaching centre, has given me all the inputs which is not only useful for my exams, but also for my future, when i become a ca. Sankara is the best, both quality wise and quantity wise ! Well scheduled classes makes the students comfortable.Feedback of the students is given preference....Anyone joining Sankara, would surely give a better feedback than mine!.......

Chaarulatha Dhinakaran

I am a proud student of Sri Sankara!! I would bet the care and support by this institution can never be seen or gotten anywhere else! I personally owe Nagarajan sir a lot! Without his support and training the course would not have been successful as far as myself is concerned!

Thanks so much Sir..


SANKARA= SANK+ARA(ERA).It has been an era of our life time where we without our knowledge sank into sanctity of spirituality, ability not giving up..

Mayura Saranathan

thanks a ton to sankara for making us focussed towards our goal(JUNE 19TH)....their wonderful coaching and support did help us a lot..:))..thanks a lot:)

G.Gokul Sarma

The word “Education” is from Latin word Educere-"bring forth what is within". The faculty at Sankara, go a step further to ‘inspire us’, we get to know and bring out the best of ourselves. Be it the sheer dedication and professionalism of Nagarajan Sir in conveying the montage of practicalities of Accountancy, or be it B.V.N.Rajeshwar Sir who devises humor, current scenario instances and friendship to portray Complex computing concepts and Strategic Management, or be it Ramaswamy Sir who builds our Tax exposure on reasoning skills, or Sheshadri Sir’s sharing of experience in Law, ‘no one can miss the PASSION’ in their hearts. I am grateful to have felt it.

Agasthiya Agas J

thanx to all faculties without their support i couldn have did this...

Rajalaxmi Venkatesh

Cant xpress my gratitude for sankara in words...i really feel great to have been a part of it......Thanks a lot Sankara!! -Rajalaxmi Venkatesh

Veeranna .S.Palleth, Karnataka

Value of an Institution like Sankara can be valued only by the valuator, who knows the value of that which is Valued. Then he should to conclude it to be Invaluable.

Keerthi Parisutham.

I am thankful to god for merging me with Sri Sankara. I feel like I am completely absorbed by the conceptual teaching of the faculty. I am amalgamated to the energetic and vibrant friends of mine in Sri Sankara. Hats off to our Nagarajan sir and his family in association with student’s career centered faculty team and the office staff for giving shape to yet another family named “SRI SANKARA”. Every innovative step taken in Sri Sankara is vivid that the operating activity is to create “witty professionals”

Mohamed Faizal, Pondicherry

Contemporary methods of teaching supported with excellent study material, add value to the student’s knowledge. Accountancy by master of masters Nagarajan Sir, Tax by Ramaswamy Sir, Auditing by Anand Sir and Gayatri Madam are conspicuously excellent and have no par.

Srenidi Balu

Thanx to Sankara 4 the training...........which made us succeed !! Srenidi Balu


Its a place of not only knowledge and professionalism but an embodiment of love and care ! surely i would owe all my success to my dear most lovable supporters Sri Sankara Coaching Centre ! am missing the classes every morn :( i wish all the greatest success to them :) hats off

Dhenuka Srinivasan

With your help most of them, I am sure, got the ticket and did not miss the bus (as Nagarajan sir always says! ) . Thank you tons :) Dhenuka Srinivasan

Nireekshna ganesh.

It was a completely enriching experience. We all learnt so much about the nuances of each subject with clarity. Classroom discussions and tests helped all of us to hone our skills on answering correctly. A big bow to all teachers at Sri Sankara who helped us at all times.


As far as CA Exams are concerned the number of problems practiced are immaterial, the depth of conceptual knowledge alone counts. Faculty and the classroom aura helped a lot in clarification and understanding. The friendly rapport that is generated between the teacher and students helps in breaking hurdle of communication. It is hard to explain but one who has been here could have surely felt it.

Akola Balaji

Sri Sankara was like a second home to me. It not only enhanced my knowledge, it carved my personality as well.

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